About Josette


Welcome to Rising Media!

I’m Josette Franks, a seasoned sales and marketing professional with over 15 years of sales and marketing experience. I’m currently attending WVU Reed School of Journalism, pursuing a graduate degree in integrated marketing and communications.

This blog is for my Emerging Media and the Market class, IMC 619. This course examines how modern industry uses emerging media to enhance integrated marketing and communication (IMC). Also, it looks to address the creative and ethical issues unique to digital media.

You might ask, what is emerging media? According to the American Journal of Business, the most commonly applied “shorthand description” of emerging media is that it is communications of all types that are based on digital technologies, increasingly with interactive components. Among the definitions designed to transcend user jargon was proffered by Neuman (1991) more than a decade ago. He argued that what we define as emerging media will
a)  alter the influence of distance
b) increase the volume and speed of communications
c) enable interactive communications and
d) permit the merging of media forms.

This definition is very fitting for the time in which it was created, which was 25 years ago. Today, it’s tough to define emerging media because it’s always changing.

In this blog, I will examine, share, and feature those always changing emerging media topics in hopes of exploring and discussing what’s relevant, what’s new, and what works, and how these emerging medias impact IMC.


Enjoy, and please share!!!




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