The Rise of M-Commerce

Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 5.19.21 PMMobile commerce transactions continue to grow and extend beyond commercial transactions over the Internet. Mobile commerce, also known as m-commerce, includes purchase of goods and services, online banking, bill payment, information delivery, and research using a mobile device or tablet. The rapid growth of m-commerce is being driven by increased use of smartphones. This surge has increased opportunities for advertisers to engage with consumers. Consumers can easily shop and research online through apps or mobile devices. M-commerce is growing and expected to grow as consumers become more and more dependable on smartphones:in fact, 9 out of 10 consumers in the U.S. keep their phones within reach 24/7.

Consumers can easily shop and do research online using a mobile device or tablet. According to Ninth Decimal, 81% of retail consumers use their mobile devices to research items before they go on a shopping trip (either at home or at work), as opposed to on-the-go (19%).  With consumers using mobile devices on a daily basis, marketers must include a mobile marketing campaign in its strategies in order to drive sales. eMarketer projects m-commerce sales will continue to grow, reaching $34.80 billion by 2018, 26.1% of the total retail m-commerce sale.

With this projected revenue growth in mobile, it is clear that having a mobile-optimized website can increase sales, generate more traffic, and boost customer engagement. Also, a mobile-optimized website will give marketers an advantage over competitors since consumers will leave a website that is not optimized. Mobile offers significant opportunities for increasing revenue as well as lowering costs.


2 thoughts on “The Rise of M-Commerce

  1. M-Commerce is def increasing and will continue to increase. Companies should try to make their websites more mobile user friendly in order to make it an easier/faster/enjoyable experience for the end user.


  2. Great post, Josette! I couldn’t agree more – businesses (especially retail) of all sizes are partnering with social platforms, online promotion code and coupon providers, plus digital wallet services and app developers to help them with tapping into mobile consumers. We are well beyond the novelty of mobile phones – they are the epicenter of valuable transactions for businesses (whether content delivery or an in-app purchase from your favorite retailer). If a business wants to grab their share, having a mobile-optimized site is just the beginning! Good stuff, Josette!


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